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Company profile

Ma’anshan Baiyun Environment Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd islocated in the Chinese Steel City with the beautiful scenery---Ma’anshan City,which is located in the Suoth Bank Of Yangtze Riverdownstrean and east of the Six Dynasties ancient capital Nanjing,and south against the world famous Mount Huangshan, and aroundWuhu,Shanghai,Hangzhou,Hefei with all direct highway. Traffic is quiteconvenient. The city is famous of Caishiji, Zhuran Tomb and other  scenic spots. Warmly welcome friends from all over the world come for discussion and sightseeing . 

Company has various products, mainly including three areas. Firstly, all kinds of Ferrite magnets, Neodymium
(NdFeB) magnets, which are widely used in the areas of automobiles, electronic, tele-communication and soon. Second, mainly specialize in the production of magnetic separators, including dry, wet magnetic separator……

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