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Ma’anshan Baiyun Environment Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in the Chinese Steel City with the beautiful scenery--- Ma’anshan City,which is located in the Suoth Bank Of Yangtze River downstrean and east of the Six Dynasties ancient capital Nanjing, and south against the world famous Mount Huangshan, and around Wuhu,Shanghai,Hangzhou,Hefei with all direct highway. Traffic is quite convenient. The city is famous of Caishiji, Zhuran Tomb and other  scenic spots. Warmly welcome friends from all over the world come for discussion and sightseeing . 

Company has various products, mainly including three areas. Firstly, all kinds of Ferrite magnets, Neodymium
(NdFeB) magnets, which are widely used in the areas of automobiles, electronic, tele-communication and so on. Second, mainly specialize in the production of magnetic separators, including dry, wet magnetic separator; suspension, vertical separators and various types of magnetic drum for the clients .Magnetic separator are mainly used in the purification and concentration of iron ore; tailings recycling industry; iron- removing from the coal material in power plant;cement and other building materials and raw materials of glass

 and ceramic; renewable rubber powder sorting industry and so on.Third, we have the specialized team for iron ore separation, pelletizing,design of rion-making technology, production for whole equipment and so on. We hope can provide the specialized technology guarantee and support for iron manufacturing industry in the developing countries

 Company has complete testing detections. As for the products, reliable quality, simple structure, easy operation, energy saving, convenient maintenance, and Mainly exported to the US, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and other countries and regions, we are in the leading position and enjoying a good reputation in the business circle , and received consistent high praise from the customers. Warmly welcome the friends from all over the world come for discussion and cooperation

New theory and researched new equipment of our company can always stand in front of the domestic magnetic field. We have always firmly believe that we will constantly go beyond ourselves on the conditions of quality first, service first, to make our contribution to the mining and steel industry in china.

Company Slogan: We are always on the way to be better

Enterprise Culture:First Class Technology, Management,Quality, Service


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